A Starry Night- The Light of Hope

The Starry Night of Christmas has been a light of Hope for all who expected the Messiah’s arrival when Jesus was born. There are many references in the Bible to that Starry Night as well as stars in general. When I was creating this collection I wanted to reflect all of the meanings of those stars of Hope.

I can only imagine the feeling of excitement and joy following the star to find Him as did the Magi. I picture Mary on a chilly night cloaked in robes awaiting the birth of what she knew was the Messiah in her womb. A clear, midnight blue glistening night full of endless possibilities. The stars sparkled at the joyous news of His coming of his arrival.

In Psalms it is written that the heavens are God’s handiwork. He has them all named and numbered. Stars are also symbols of angels being close. Let this collection comfort you knowing your angels are near. Wear these stars, midnight blues, bright gold cardinals and Blessed Mother medals to celebrate the Hope that He gives us everyday through His love.  

I pray your holidays are full of Hope, Love and the true meaning of Christmas. Let the shimmer of the stars and sparkle in this collection remind you of His love and the blessings to come in the new year. 

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