Autumn Trail Collection

As I pull on my favorite fleecy socks while smelling the warm, toasty hazelnut coffee that I made for my walk, I put the leash on my boy, Bow for his morning walk. We hear the gentle rustle of the Fall leaves settling on the floor of the path as we stroll. I can smell a distant fireplace that is sure to have some smores roasting on hand picked twigs. I see clear memories of my boys chasing each other with loud belly laughs in their fall jackets while picking the perfect pumpkins for carving. Fall football, pumpkin spice everything, and soft sweaters are just some of my happy things during this time of year. There are splashes of burnt orange, maroon, umber, and yellows all throughout the woods. A blanket of Fall color insulating the trail for the perfect, quiet Fall walk.

This collection Autumn Trail is a medley of army greens, mustard yellow, oxblood, and earthy clays paired with rustic medals of faith and inspiration. Fall is my favorite season of the year which is why I wanted to bring together my memories of Autumn which make my heart nostalgic of when the boys were young but still full of love and memories.
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