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Resort Collection - Sunny Days Ahead

My happy place is the beach. The thing from this shut down that I have missed - second to my family...  is the beach. I can remember the feeling of my grandmother's soft fingers as we walked hand in hand - miles upon miles on Crescent beach. We would talk about everything and laugh till our stomachs hurt as the pelicans flew above our heads. The white Florida sands squeaked between our toes as we strolled along - my dearest friend and I. The waves rolled in with blue and green seaweed from the shrimpers out getting their fill for the day. Sun-kissed skin and the carefree days of Summer marked with cartwheels on the beach.. this is my positive focus to get through the past year of the unknown. This is the inspiration for Resort 2021- Sunny Days Ahead! Wrap yourself in the beachy blues and coral shells of summer. Ease into the warmth, feeling the breeze of promise that Summer brings. Thanking God for the blessings of gratitude that I found in 2020. I am hopeful that as we emerge from our cocoons, we can hang on to the important things in life that 2020 showed us. Love, family, faith, hope, and choosing joy!
Love and Blessings to you and your families,
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