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So in Love

Starting a new decade, I wanted to create a collection that is soft and gentle to the soul.  2020 is a year of renewal and investing in oneself with love and kindness.  I had Lent in mind choosing medals that would be "God wink" reminders that you are loved as well as how you can be a better you.  
The dreamy pinks, creams and blues are the perfect palette for whatever makes your heart sing.  For me, the flower reminds me of my Southern roots-planting flowers with my Grandmother.  The guardian angel is a favorite also because I know she is watching over me each day.  The bird's nest is a symbol for the soft place to land that I strive everyday to create for my three boys.  All of these symbols serve as wrist reminders for me that I am watched over and loved. 
I hope this collection brings you the joy that I had in creating it.
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