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The Bright Side

Positivity is a choice and a mindset. This collection is filled full of instant smiles and fresh air! With the sun on our shoulders, Summer does feel different this year but it is still a season of flowers, waves, renewal and love. Holding my child's sandy hands on the beach and collecting the jewels of summer that washed up overnight are just some of the inspirations for this Bright Side Line. I can close my eyes and remember singing and dancing in the waves with my sister pretending that we were mermaids. We would try to do all their tricks like drinking Coke underwater (unsuccessfully I might add). The innocence and freedom of childhood is always what summer feels like to me where everything was possible.  The Bright Side Collection is choosing to see not only the beauty in everyday but in each other as equal souls. We are all God's children and creation. Reflect on your summer memories through our Bright Side Collection- Let them be your wrist reminders that this time that we are in currently is not forever it is just for now. Choose Love- Choose Joy- Choose Hope.
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