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Watercolors of Summer - 2022

I can close my eyes and see a clear memory of my grandmother letting me wear her jewels to dinner when I could not have been 5 or 6.  I would pretend I was a princess in my fanciest dress sitting between her and my grandfather. She would let me order for myself (even coffee) and play grown up. My grandmother had such an elegant style. It is funny how you forget some things over time but the way her hands felt when she held mine never fades. She would let me play with her pearls, rings, and layers upon layers of necklaces. Nothing was every off limits. She taught me to wear meaningful jewelry that filled my happy bucket and not to shelve things for a more important time. Fancy did not mean to over dress to her. Fancy was enjoying her happy things that had memories of anniversaries, babies, birthdays and of loved ones that had passed everyday. This collection reminds me of our dress up Summer days at her beach house. I hope you love the watercolor soft colors, beach accents, sparkle, pearls, and overall fancy pants feeling of this collection. This collection is my clean, fresh way to layer up my fancies wherever I am going this Summer while thinking of my dearest person, Rosemary. Xxoo jen

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